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 Styling :


Quick styling: 7€
Styling short hair: 15€
Styling long hair: 20€
Styling with iron: 28€
Bridal styling (with one rehearsal)

Technical Applications:

Hair dying – short hair: 33 €
Hair dying – long hair: 39€
Hair dying only bangs, roots, refreshment: 20€
Combination of 2 colors: 43/48€

Flash: 35€
Hair tints –  reflects half head: 35/50€
Hair tints –  reflects whole head: 40/65€
Balayage: 20€


Children: 12€
Ladies: 20€
Gentlemen: 15€

Hair Treatments:

Nano-keratin Treatment: 120€
Soothing softness refreshment: 7€
Moisturizing therapy: 10€
Damaged hair repair: 20€
Hair washing as a service: 5€

*All products used for hair wash and technical applications are included in the prices.

Taxes are included in the prices.

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