Swedish Classic

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A deeply relaxing massage starting up from the head down to the feet. It relaxes the muscles that are in tension because of stress. It increases the blood and lymph circulation and releases the toxins from muscles
Duration: 30/60 minutes

Soothing Moisturizing Massage

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Enjoy a full body relaxing massage with the beneficial properties of aromatherapy combined with Shea Butter, the homonymous tree that grows in the savannahs of Africa. It gives deep hydration and nutrition to your skin while travelling your senses into magical world scents of your choice.
Duration: 40/90 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

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The hot stones massage is a relaxing massage that contains using hot stones. It solves the muscles tension, discharges from stress and helps towards the detoxification of the body, relieves from pain, improves blood circulation and leads to peace of mind.
Duration: 60/90 minutes

Oriental Massage

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A massage therapy inspired by the South East Asian tradition, with aromatic pouches immersed into spicy cocktail and perfumed oil. A unique relaxing experience that makes your body smooth and glowing.
Duration: 50 minutes

Aromatherapy Healing massage with essential oils

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According to your state of mind and mood, you will choose an essential oil from our local distillery, which will be blended to natural body oil. It is a soothing massage for all senses that regulates and balances the body and mind.
Duration: 50 minutes

Face and Scalp Massage

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This very special therapy will make you feel focused, alert and deeply rested. The whole body will feel the benefits of this exploring and realigning nervous system.Perfect to combine with all other body treatments.
Duration: 30 minutes

Foot Massage

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Escape from stress and relax with a beneficial massage for feet and legsFoot massage is part of the holistic massage and it is recommended to everybody in order to find mental, physical balance and wellness. Enjoy a short break after a tiring day.
Duration: 30/45 minutes

Anti Cellulite Massage

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A powerful massage to support anti cellulite treatments.
Duration: 50 minutes

Traditional Thai Massage

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This ancient massage technique  has been handed down through the centuries. Based on the application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, together with the stretching of the muscles, Thai massage stimulates energy flow and eases muscles, replacing tension and stress with a feeling of energy and peace.
Duration: 90 minutes

Holistic Massage

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An energetic massage offering the ultimate relaxation. Deeply soothed senses and absolute emotional rejuvenation.

A full-body massage using organic essential oils. The procedure of this treatment is a synergy of foot reflexology techniques, shiatsu, Californian and Ayurvedic  massage. In practice, it is a  very flexible massage, tailor-made on your needs.

Your energy pathways will unblock. Any distress, anxiety or tension will be immediately reduced, effecting all levels including mental- emotional and sensorial.
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