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Chris, France
Effectivement la plus belle vue de la baie d\'Aegiali depuis cet hotel et depuis la piscine! je n\'ai jamais rencontré dans un hotel un personnel autant au pet...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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This very healthy dessert has been made over the centuries, using fresh fruit of local production.
Grapes are very popular, especially the variety without seeds. These kind of sweets existed always on Amorgos houses, and were offered to visitors in small flat plates, in  spoonfuls, with a glass of cold water.

One kilo washed grapes, cleaned from their stems, 1,5kilo of sugar, 2 cups of water.

Put them all in a sauce pan, and place on fire, to cook slowly as long as it is necessary for the grapes to become soft and syrupy. It usally takes 2 hours of boiling. For special natural flavor, add during boiling some leaves of citrum geranium, or some leaves of lemon tree or orange peels. 


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