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JimmyJ, Belgium
great location, nice welcome. Liked the service and the overall facilities. The view at night is superb.Didn\'t have an occasion to visit the spa, which looked ...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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Sea Essential Treatment Cryotonic / Tired legs

A treatment that relieves and calms the swollen legs and feet. It starts from a peeling of salts and essential oils,a special cooling gel-mask spread from the legs to the feet that promotes the microcirculation, relieves from the fatigue,  soothes ,refreshes and eliminates the edema (swollen legs).
Duration: 45'  

Sea Essential Body Cocoon Fool - thalassotherapy

all the benefits of an original thalassotherapy with the finest varieties of seaweeds such as fucus powder, spirulina, palmaria, chondrus crispus, wrap your body under the ideal temperature and transmit their beneficial features while you are relaxing and being transferred to the magic world of the marine bottom.this treatment contains peeling, mask and moisturizing cream.
Duration: 60'  

Integral sculptor

The highlight of the effectiveness to the slimming. a size less after 5 therapies.a moisturizing care which aims to the difficult area of volumes (belly-tights-hips). a full action for slimming and the reduction of the cellulite.its results are obvious since the 1st therapy.
Duration: 60'  

Sea Essential Satin Treatment - Exfoliation and hydration

Consisted of salts, corals,hazelnut and walnut oils ,coconut, soya and ''oligomer''(solidified seawater),it is achieved a deep cleaning to the skin.afterwards, it is applied a body mask made by a coctail of seafood ingredients, that restores the aquatic skin tones and prepares it for safe exposure to the sun.
Duration: 60'  

Sea Essential self-heating - Detox Cocoon

An enjoyable care with sea self heating mud mask which changes from warm to cool and detoxifies the human body ,against the myosceletic pains while you are feeling your body lighter and relieved.
Duration: 60'  

Thermal Algotherapy (Back, neck, hands)

It faces and soothes the body aches such as back , neck and arms' pains. After a deep cleaning we apply an effervescent mask made by sea mud and seaweeds that creates thousands of micro-capsules. These capsules release all the active sea ingredients able to face and relief from all types of pain. It is followed by a therapeutic massage.
Duration: 60'   

Find health through waterThe absolute experience of spa in 2m through a combination of water, music and steam as well as aromatotherapy, light therapy and reflexology.ten different programms transfer you from the firmness to the meditation.

01-Weight Loss
03-Stress reducting
06-Anti - cellulite formule
09-Body Wrapping 
10-Special kneipp bath



Sea Essentiel Cryotonic Treatment / Tired legs. Duration: 45’ - Price: 50€
Sea Essentiel Cocon Fool Body – Thalassotherapy. Duration: 60’ - Price: 50€
Sculpteur Integral. Duration: 60’ - Price: 75€
Sea Essentiel Satin Treatment – Exfoliation and hydratation. Duration: 60’ - Price: 55€
Sea Essentiel Autochauffant – Cocon Detox. Duration: 60’ - Price: 70€
Thermal Algotherapy (back - neck - hands). Duration: 60’ - Price: 65€

Spa jet therapies

Spa Jet Therapy. Duration: 30’ - Price: 30€

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