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JimmyJ, Belgium
great location, nice welcome. Liked the service and the overall facilities. The view at night is superb.Didn\'t have an occasion to visit the spa, which looked ...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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BasicDuration : 40' - Price: 18€
It contains hands' soaking, removing cuticles, nails'shape and relaxing massage.nail varnishing by using the colour of your choice-including french manicure.

SpaDuration : 50' - Price: 26€
it contains hands' soaking, removing cuticles, nails' shape, a longer relaxing masage to the fingers, to the palm and the hand.nails' varnishing of your choice, including french manicure.

Express10 '. Duration: 10' - Price: 4€
Basecoat,varnishing and topcoat

Shape & Paint. Duration: 15' - Price: 6€
Nails' filing to the shape and varnishing to the colour of your choice.

Nail Design / Art. Duration: 10' - Price: 5€ (design on 2 nails)
Application of strass or designs on the nails.

Gentlemen's. Duration: 30' - Price: 15€ 
It contains nails' soaking, nails' shape, varnishing, filing,cuticles treatment and hands'  massage. Base coat only if the client wishes.

Hand Therapy . Duration: 20' - Price: 13 €
it contains peeling, mask and massage with a deep moisturizing cream.

Basic Pedicure & Manicure. Duration: 90΄/ Price: 34€
Includes hand soaking, cuticles cleaning, nails shaping and relaxing massage. 
But also foot bath with whirlpool and antibacterial soap, nail shaping, cuticles cleaning, rasp and massage with deep moisturizing cream. The treat ends with painting the nail with the colour of your choice, including the French.
Spa Pedicure & Manicure. Duration: 100΄ / Price: 45€
Includes hand soaking, cuticles cleaning, nail shaping and long relaxing massage of the hands, fingers and palms. But also foot bath with massage and use of lavender or rosemary essential oil, nail shaping, cuticles cleaning, rasp, peeling and massage with deep moisturizing cream. The treat ends with painting the nail with the colour of your choice, including the French.
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