We invite you to celebrate on Amorgos the Greek Carnival and “Kathara Deutera” (“Clean Monday”), from February 29th March 5th, 2020! On the last Sunday of the Greek Carnival, a special custom takes place in the villages of Aegiali, called “Kapetanios”, while on “Clean Monday”, you will enjoy the traditional kite flying and the picnic, in on of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Five days of celebrations and fun, amid one of the best seasons of Amorgos!
You will enjoy excellent accommodation in 5***** Aegialis Hotel & Spa and you will rejuvenate in the facilities of Lalon Idor Spa.


Arrival on Amorgos.
Transfer to Aegialis Hotel & Spa.
Welcome drink and snack.

Tour of the Spa facilities.
Hike to Aegiali and Lagada.
Lagada is surrounded by mountains, with paths full of herbs and flowers. Then walk to Panagia Epanochoriani, from where you will have the chance to enjoy unique views over the Aegiali valley and Tholaria.
Return to the hotel and relax in the Spa.

Full day island tour.
Visit the 1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, built in the cliffs 300 meters above the sea.
Visit the Byzantine Monastery of Saint Georgios Valsamitis, built upon the ruins of an ancient water oracle, dedicated to god Apollo. Visit to the capital of the island,
Chora, with its picturesque alleys, 40 churches and 12 windmills on top of the surrounding hills. Visit the Carvival that takes place at Katapola port. Return to the hotel and relaxation at Lalon Idor Spa.

Visit to the village Tholaria, at the church of
Saint Anargiri and the Byzantine Museum. Walk to Saint Dimitrios chapel, with a group of people who all dressed up, where the
custom of ͞Kapetanios begins. There, the men of the village dress the newly chosen “Kapetanios” and escort him back to the village. Men and women in traditional costumes follow up until the village square, here the ͞Kapetanissa (Captain’s Wife) chosen his love and the celebrations begin with music and dance.
Food and drinks are offered by the people of the village. Live music and dancing takes place until late evening.

Transfer to the beach of Saint Pavlos for picnic with traditional dishes of the day
(“Sarakostiana”) and the traditional flying of kites, live music and a lot of dance.
Return to the hotel and relaxation at Lalon Idor Spa and projection of films from Amorgos Film Festival.

Breakfast and transfer to the port for departure.


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