Deep Cleansing

Facial steam bath followed by a thorough pore cleansing, exfoliation, calming face mask and hydration. This treatment has a special emphasis on detoxifying.
Duration: 70/ 80 minutes 


Spa-Prestige – all skin types hydration

A combination of the power of the sea resources in a fast treatment for revitalization, face glowing and hydration to your skin. Ideal for all skin types. (Combined harmoniously with any massage and body treatment)
Duration: 50 minutes


Cellular regeneration – sensitive skin

A hyper hydrating, regenerative face treatment for cellular rejuvenation based on marine calcium and sea pearls.Rich in marine sugars, minerals and trace elements, a therapy which strengthens cellular consistency thus resulting in deep, constant hydration and firmness of the skin. Rejuvenate yourself and feel unique wellness and energy through the touch of the sea breeze.
Duration: 60’ minutes


Corrector Treatment- Oily and Acne skin

Decongest, clarify and rejuvenate oily skin, with this balancing and soothing Facial Treatment that corrects the excess oil without drying the skin.Purifying ingredients such as a clarifying cleanser, a rich argil mask and a nourishing chlorophyll serum will leave your skin glowing and feeling fresh.
Duration: 70’ minutes

Youth intervention for mature skin

An anti-wrinkle,firming therapy that increases skin resistance by preventing the degradation of human skin elastic tissue. More specifically, it helps rebuild cells and reinforces production of collagen. Essential for a glowing and firm complexion and curing wrinkles by using 100% natural,active ingredients of the marine wealth that strengthens your skin against the effects of aging.
Duration: 70’ minutes


Men’s Skin Care

A skin detoxification and oxygenation treatment. It helps reduce the signs of fatigue on the face, hydrates and alleviates skin irritations. Suitable for male skin as it increases softness and freshness.
Duration: 50’ minutes

Rejuvance Natural Face Lifting

Facial Massage that is releasing the connective tissue, restores its elasticity, skin cells absorb more nutrients and fluids, i.e. significantly increased skin hydration.
Duration: 70’ minutes

Eye contour treatment

An anti-wrinkle treatment with marine elements of collagen and elastin.It helps get rid of the wrinkles around the eye area and helps eliminate swellings and dark cicles.
Duration: 35’ minutes

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