Tonifying Cooling Care for Tired legs

A treatment that relieves and calms the swollen legs and feet.Starting  from a peeling of salt and essential oils, special cooling gel-mask spread from the legs to the feet that promotes the microcirculation, relieves from the fatigue,  soothes ,refreshes and eliminates the edema (swollen legs).
Duration: 40 minutes


Warming Mud Wrap Therapy

Thiw therapy faces and soothes the body aches such as back, neck and arm pains. After a deep cleaning, we apply an effervescent mask made by sea mud and seaweeds that creates thousands of micro-capsules. These capsules release all the active sea ingredients able to and relieve and soothe all types of pain.
Duration: 60 minutes 


Detox Seaweed Wrap

This reat consists of a body deep cleansing made of sea salt, honey and ”oligomer” (solidified seawater). In continuation, using a body mask made by a cocktail of seafood ingredients is applied, restoring the skin tones and preparing it for safe exposure to the sun.
Duration: 60 minutes  


Cellulite Reduction

In this effective and warming treatment, we use active ingredients that help dissolve the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body. It visibly reduces cellulite, softens the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.
It stimulates blood circulation, which energizes the whole system and boosts metabolism.
An invigorating dry brushing, a luxurious peeling, a detoxifying seaweed wrap and a lymph draining massage with a triple action gel, are some of the steps we use in this successful cure.
Duration: 70 minutes

Slim Boost

A stimulating body treatment suitable to include in a weight loss program. It activates the process of lipolysis, dissolving localized fat and congesting the lymph, using a liposauna cream and efficient slim oil.
Duration: 70 minutes

Sculpting Stretch Firming Cure

This luxurious and invigorating treatment helps prevent the relaxation of the skin, smoothing stretch marks, improving elasticity of the skin and tonifying the muscles.
The combination of a stimulating exfoliation, a firming latex mask body wrap and a lymph draining massage gives visible and lasting results if combined with exercise and a healthy.
Duration: 70 minutes


Antioxidant Chocolate Treat

An anti-stress treatment. Chocolate is rich in vitamin E, a vitamin with anti-aging benefits that offers firmness to your body. Special lipocidines and antioxidant ingredients help the prevention of aging and treat actively the cellulite zones, while you are enjoying a relaxing massage. It’s a special treatment for chocolate lovers.
Duration: 60 minutes


Amorgos Natural after Sun Relief

A natural body care with therapeutic aloe. An ideal treatment for skin damaged and dry because of the sun. A relaxing enjoyment containing a body cleanser with sage extracts and a cool mask of natural aloe.
Duration: 45 minutes


Rejuvenating Golden Therapy

A holistic body treatment for detoxification, hydration, metallization, anti-aging, refreshment and wellness using through the luxury of gold and fire fragrances of desert and field flowers.
Duration: 120 minutes

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