• Towel/linen reuse program offers guests the option to reuse them for more than one day.
  • Guest can adjust the room temperature individually according to their needs via controllable thermostats.
  • Rooms have a key master switch which automatically turns Off Lights, Electronics and heating/Cooling equipment when room is vacant.
  • Heating/Cooling equipment automatically turns off when there are open windows in the room.
  • Bathroom facilities meet the standards of dual flush

Hotel Installation

  • Complete and efficient system of biological water treatment exists in the hotel premises
  • Laundry washing machines are energy Star qualified
  • Most of exterior windows are double-Glazing
  • Solar thermal heating is used complementary to other heating systems to warm hot water in rooms, in indoor pool, in Jacuzzi and Spa facilities.
  • Automatic lighting controls such as occupancy/day lighting sensors and timers are installed in the common outdoor and indoor areas of the hotel.
  • Most buildings have South-Facing Overhangs which reduce energy use for heating and cooling
  • Our public toilet meet the standards of dual flush

Recycling Action

  • Recycling plan collects food, glass, and cooking oil. Our staff is trained and takes part in these actions.
  • Possible hazardous materials such as Printer Cartridges, Electronics, Batteries… are collected and returned to manufacturer or for recycling
  • Guestroom/Public bathrooms have refillable dispensers for liquid soap

Staff Training

  • Our housekeepers are trained to make their work according to ecological guidelines participating to the towel/linen reuse plan and following smart saving energy program.
  • All our staff is trained on understanding and implementing daily green practices as food recycling, correct use of electricity (light, a/c), use of recycling paper, reduced paper printings…


  • In our restaurants we use preferentially food and beverages from our garden (vegetables, fruits and herbs), from our produce (olive oil, raki), from Amorgos (meat and cheese), and neighbouring island. The Restaurant has been certified by the “AegeanCuisine”, an organization which recognizes and awards restaurants that demonstrate the rich culinary tradition of the Aegean and offer local products at a high quality level.

Organic Garden

  • We have created and we are maintaining responsible and organic gardens. Following the agricultural traditions of the island we have obtained through the years an optimal organic performance of the earth. The gardens’ operations are conducted without any technological means and by the “old fashioned” ways….everything by hand.  We are using exclusively organic composting method.  We are not using any herbicides, pesticides and chemicals for growing our products.


  • We are working with local charitable organization for donating our leftover materials such as food, furniture and electronics. We are also prepared to respond to any unforeseen/urgent situation.

How can you help us to help the planet?

  • Choose when you want your towel/linen to be changed.
  • Do not throw batteries but handle over at the front desk
  • Do not waste water and electricity
  • Use dual flush in the toilets correctly

Environmental Protection

A good example of the efforts toward sustainable touristic development, and the benefits that can be gained from an open exchange, is the maintenance of the trail network of Amorgos. We are organizing volunteering actions to clean the paths and restoring the dry stone walls of the trails network and all over the island. We are also actively organizing beach restoring.

We organize special Nature and Cultural Hiking Tours giving information on environmental, tradition and local habitats issues.  We propose hiking tour in the European Natura 2000 protected region of the island (“Stavros”)

We organize and promote special Hiking Packages in order to encourage our guest to discover the island on foot.

13 years ago, we create the International Yperia Convention on Tourism and Culture, to promote the natural beauty and culture of Amorgos Island foster an exchange of ideas on cultural heritage and environmental preservation, and promote current projects on the island.

We are supporting and promoting the “Trees For Greece” initiative with aim the reforestation and recultivation of unused or desecrated land, to protect against further soil degradation and to restore historically and ecologically valuable cultural landscapes. This project has already started on Amorgos, with the designation of a 20.000 sq.m. area allotted for planting oak trees.

We also contributes to European Energy Week by organizing seminar or colloquium with issues related to environmental protection and alternative Energy.

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