Connecting with the beautiful and wild nature of Amorgos, all the way from your yoga mat, the Namaste Yoga Shala is an impressive 280 square-meter-long shala custom built by the Aegialis team for all yoga enthusiasts and wellness practitioners to enjoy. Located on a hill and as a distinctive part of the “Lalon Idor Thalasso Spa & Beauty Center, the Namaste shala offers the ideal balance between relaxation and energizing vibes. This beautiful shala is the perfect recreational space for meditation, yoga, reiki and other health and wellbeing practices.

Being in the Namaste shala actually feels as though you are in a forest and everything stops for a moment, being completely still and relaxed. Surrounded by an open plan space and glass windows which can be removed so you can enjoy the breathtaking sea views and the fresh breeze of Amorgos from inside this gorgeous shala. The Namaste room offers a zen-like energy, overlooking the sea and the beautiful mountain landscape of the island. Namaste is gesture in which one person acknowledges the divine part and soul in themselves and others. It is a way to bring peace and gratitude for oneself, by connecting with the universe and its powerful energy, bringing hope and togetherness within. We named this shala Namaste because it invokes a serene feel and a humbling experience both on and off the yoga mat.

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