The capital of the island, Chora, is a Medieval town organized around an impressive rock, on top of which are the ruins of a Venetian castle. With its 40 Byzantine and early Christian churches, its windmills, its traditional houses, its narrow paved alleys, Chora resembles a labyrinth with many cafes and traditional taverns, offering a particular atmosphere. It is considered one of the most beautiful capital towns in the Cyclades. It hosts the first historical high school of independent Greece.

Μυλοι λαγκαδας-αμοργος
Windmills of Lagada
χωριο ποταμος_αμοργος
Aegiali Villages
παραλια αγιας αννας
Agia Anna Beach
μοναστήρι της χοζοβιώτισσας_αμοργος
Chozoviotissa Monastery
ancient minoa_amorgos
Ancient Minoa
Chora Museum
agios paulos and nikouria
Agios Pavlos Nikouria
Olympia Shipwreck
agios georgios valsamitis_monastery_amorgos
Agios Georgios Valsamitis

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