Back in ancient times, poets like Homer, Pindar and Hesiod described the Champs Elysées (Elysian Fields) in their texts as an idyllic, beautiful and peaceful place where the souls of the fortuned arrived there, and had the opportunity to enjoy and feel the absolute euphoria. It was a divine place “with blooming meadows, where there was eternal spring, and sources of Lethe gushing nectar”.

According to mythology it was there, that Menelaus and Beautiful Helen, kings and several heroes were exercising and playing music while dancing under the shade of big beautiful trees. Inspired by these heavenly places that the word Elysia refers to, we decided to gather people of the Yoga Community and unite them on an island which has now established itself as a Yoga Retreat destination. Amorgos is an island blessed with natural beauty and magnificent sceneries, in a way being the Elysian island of today.


Honorary Yoga teachers from all over the world will be the presenters while professionals from different areas of the Wellness field (nutritionists, life-coaches, therapists) are expected to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. Our mission is a contiguous sharing of new ideas and practices in a dynamic learning environment of spiritual transformation and transition in nature.
Elysia aims to bring together the world of Yoga and provide the chance to demonstrate innovative ways to adopt and integrate a healthier lifestyle for mental and physical well being. The selected discussion topics intend to the emersion of new ideas that will inspire the participants make an impact and perhaps, introduce new practices in their home country.

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