The Amorgian Experience

Experience the true Greek hospitality in a traditional Amorgian household of the 1800’s. Located in the beautiful village of Tholaria, the “Lala’s” house, is one of the oldest houses in the village. Built in traditional Cycladic style, with whitewashed walls and blue window shields and doors, the Lala’s residence is a must see for all visitors of the island.

The activity begins at the hotel, where you will be taken around the herbal gardens to learn all about the Amorgian herbs. After this, a minibus will take you and your group to Tholaria, located about 5km away up in the mountains. The journey in the village is a beautiful walk through the quaint cobblestone streets, passing traditional tavernas, friendly locals and surrounded by magenta Bougainvillea flowers.


As you arrive at the “Lala’s” house, you will be welcomed with a traditional Greek sweet (but from back in the days) and a delicious glass of rakki, both part of the Greek way of welcoming guests in one’s house.

The walls are dressed in old black and white images of the families who resided here, taking you back in time. You will discover the architectural structure of the house and explore the rooms and the famous Greek wood oven area, also known as furnos. You will then visit the cellar part of the house, a place for many uses, and this also included storing food, agriculture tools and wine.


Distillery & essential oils

Part of the traditional house, includes the distillery section, a place where the magic of Amorgian herbs happens. Here you will learn all about how to make essential oils and explore a space where natural oils are created from the abundance of the Amorgian herbs

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