The YPERIA International Convention on Culture and Tourism has been created to allow an active exchange on culture promotion. It is supported by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.

Journalists, tourism professionals, producers and distinguished people from around the world are invited to take part and contribute to the promotion of the event through newspaper or magazine articles, films or documentaries as well as through advertisements of the island of Amorgos and the works presented during the Convention.

We are accepting submissions to participate to YPERIA 2015. Click here to make your submission.
The Convention will be held from October 21st to 26th, 2015, in Aegiali, Amorgos Island, Greece.

The Cultural Association of Tholaria, Amorgos and Aegialis Hotel & Spa are pleased to organize, for the 13th consecutive year, the YPERIA International Convention of Sustainable Tourism, for Preservation and Protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Amorgos.

The Convention aims to promote the natural beauty and culture of Amorgos, foster an exchange of ideas on cultural heritage preservation, as well as present and promote current projects on the island of Amorgos. In this respect, we would like to invite you to attend and participate in the Convention.

The main scope of discussion will be Amorgos: Trails From The Past To The Future. Socio-economic, cultural and environmental prospectswith the following topics:

  • Local products of Amorgos Island
  • Hiking the Amorgian Trail Network: benefits of the most inexpensive investment in tourism
  • Velanidia Foundation. Learn from the past to create prospects for the future to foster the ecosystem of the island
  • Accessible Tourism for people with reduced mobility
  • Transmissions and adaptations of the Greek folklore
  • Dry stone walls,  traditional and important structural elements of the landscape
  • Natura 2000: areas in Amorgos. Sustainable management of the areas of protection
  • Hozoviotissa Monastery of Amorgos, in process of inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List

For your participation and further information, visit yperia.gr

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