Mr.Nikitas, the owner of the hotel, loves nature and cultivating the land, as he has been involved into this from a very early age. Aegialis Hotel & Spa tries to offer the best to its guests by maintaining responsible and organic gardens.

Since mr.Nikitas and his assistants have created the garden, most kinds of vegetables are being cultivated here. With a passion for sustainable tourism and the real wish to maintain the tradition and cultural heritage of Amorgos, the organic garden provides plenty of the plants and vegetables used in the hotel. Many other products, such as the Amorgian soft cheese mizithra (similar to feta), the hard Amorgian cheese (similar to parmesan), eggs, chicken, pork and goat meat, are bought from residents of the area,  in order to support  local economy.


The organic gardens of Aegialis Hotel & Spa are located within the hotel premises, mostly below and above Lalon Idor Spa. Mr.Nikitas chose this place because it had not been cultivated for almost 70 years. All this virgin land around the hotel is ideal for maintaining an organic and responsible garden.

Because the soil is virgin, the vegetables planted do not need any fertilizers. They just grow naturally and they only need watering.  Having our garden close to the hotel is also a good opportunity for our visitors to have a guided tour and be introduced not only to our flowers and vegetables but also to many famous Amorgian herbs.


Why should we buy our vegetables, fruits and plants in the supermarket when Amorgos offers so many fields to produce delicious, tasty and healthy products?

A few years ago, Amorgos used to be all cultivated. People didn’t have any choice. For their living, they had to produce their own products. Unfortunately, with the introduction of supermarkets, many Amorgians decided to quit and buy their vegetables and fruits instead of growing them.

Most of the products in the supermarkets are imported or come from massive cultivations and they are often tasteless. Aegialis Hotel & Spa decided to go back to their fields and use their parents’ and grand-parents’ knowledge to offer healthy and tasty products to its guests.



The garden provides seasonal vegetables all year long to assure the best quality of food to our guests.
All these organic and healthy products are used in Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant. The Chef uses them for all his recipes but also to offer the typical traditional dishes of Amorgos.

In our vegetables garden, one can see:

Zucchinis, Eggplants, Spinach, Lettuces, Arugula, Peppers, Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cauliflowers, Cabbages, Fava and Onions.


In addition to vegetables, the garden provides seasonal fruit. Enjoy them for dessert, breakfast as marmalade, drinks (fresh juices) and more.
Growing our own fruit gives us the opportunity to select varieties suitable for Amorgos, which offer flavour and excellent taste. Most plants in the gardens are annual, producing fruit only once a year.

         In our fruit garden, one can see:

Mandarines, Watermelons, Figs, Prickly pear, Apricots, Olives* and Grapes**

* Olives are also used to produce natural olive oil.
** Grapes are also used to produce our local wine and raki.


In addition to the wide range of organic vegetables and fruit, we produce organic herbs and spices. Amorgos has a strong tradition in herbs, hosting around 600 species of plants, which accounts for approximately 30% of the Cycladic flora. Amorgian herbs are known since antiquity for their quality and medicinal properties. The herbs we produce are used for culinary purposes, but also in organic teas and for some Spa treatments.

Herbs provided by our garden:

Fennel, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Sage, Salvia, Aloe, Absinth, Parsley, Lemon vervain, Camomile, Anise, Rosemary, Balsam, Calendula, Pelargoniums.

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